4evr Fit

Natalie Martin

Co-Founder / Coach / Personal Trainer

Although always active, it wasn’t until after she graduated from high school that Natalie found her true love for fitness. She spent her junior high and high school years participating on the dance and cheer teams. When she graduated she wanted to find an outlet to keep fit and healthy and discovered the gym. She began like most young women. Intimidated, clueless, and overwhelmed. She was able to learn the basics from friends and fellow gym-goers, but found herself mostly stuck in her comfort zone on the cardio equipment.

It wasn’t until she met David that her passion was really ignited. With David’s help and guidance, she gained confidence and was able to learn everything she could about weight training, proper form and exercise for her body type, and proper nutrition. Resistance training and weight lifting completely transformed her body and she was hooked.

Shortly after she began nursing school and graduated with her RN in December of 2009. She accepted a job at Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley where she worked in ortho, telemetry, and progressive care. Natalie and David got engaged in December of 2010 and in April 2011 Natalie accepted a position closer to home at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland. A few weeks later David and Natalie learned they would be welcoming a new addition. Their beautiful baby boy Lucas was born in October of 2011.

Throughout her pregnancy Natalie continued to stay active in the gym, worked with David on the opening of 4evrFit, and went back to school for her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, which she obtained in June of 2011. In May of 2012 David and Natalie got married and soon after Natalie decided that she was ready to take her fitness to the next level. With David as her coach, she decided to compete. She made her competitive fitness debut at the NPC West Coast Classic in June of 2013 competing in the bikini division. She then switched to the figure division where she competed in three more NPC shows.

After feeling like she needed an organization that fit her body and personality a little bit better, she decided to venture out and compete in the fitness division of the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Organization. The WBFF. She made her debut in April of 2015 and won her class, earning her WBFF pro card. She then went on to compete at the WBFF World’s show in Las Vegas in August of that same year.

She continues to work at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Quality Management and Infection Prevention and is currently working on further certification as an RN Infection Preventionist. She enjoys coaching alongside David assisting with posing, stage presence, pre and post competition counseling, and suit design and creation.