4evr Fit

Cryss Meza

My name is Cryss Meza & NO! I did not wake up like this. A lot of sweat, tears, tragedies, and triumphs have gone into creating this person I have become.
Growing up & all through high school I was very athletic. Always trying to beat my 400m time during track season or busting my butt to pin my opponent during wrestling season. Naturally you think once an athlete always an athlete right? Not always.

Shortly after graduating high school I became pregnant. Happy and excited, my partner & I began to plan for our son’s arrival. November 4th 2011 my life changed forever. At birth there was no heartbeat and we struggled to deal with the news that our son had passed away in womb. Devastated and in tears, my mind raced with so many questions. Why? Why me? During the pregnancy I was careful and extremely mindful. How did this happen? The doctors couldn’t explain it & I left the hospital without my son and completely heartbroken
“Everything happens for a reason.” That was the conversation starter for the next few years. Once a fit & petite 114lb high school athlete, I had let myself reach 176lbs. I looked in the mirror and blamed everyone and everything around me for my weight gain. I felt like I needed an excuse. It took me a few months to accept that I was the reason for the weight gain. Literally & figuratively speaking, I had said yes to everything I put on my plate. Desperately seeking change I finally stepped foot into a local gym. I did what most people do when they don’t know where to start. I signed up with a personal trainer.

I was inexperienced, intimidated, and envious of the woman I saw working out. They moved from machine to machine with such confidence. I wanted to be just like that. I was determined to learn all that I could with the amount of training I purchased. The experience was lacking to say the least and although I was not fully satisfied, I still ended 2012 with a weight loss of 15lbs. After seeing the changes my body was making & having my family and friends notice my progress, I decided my 2013 New Year’s resolution was going to be to take on a whole different approach to the fit life I desired.

At the time I was living in Sacramento. Busy working and working on myself, I really focused on using what I had learned thus far. I worked hard and felt amazing. As I continued, I saw even more progress. I became addicted. I loved that I was finally losing weight and gaining muscle. However, it did not come without struggle. The people I was surrounding myself with couldn’t completely understand my choices. Why did I choose to not go out? Or, if I did go out, why would I choose water and my prepped meal over alcohol and pizza? I tried to make them understand the goals I had for myself, but I quickly became weary of constantly having to explain myself and my actions. As a result, I gave into peer pressure. I allowed myself to be consumed in what I thought was a “good time”. I lost the concept of moderation. My meals of 5oz tilapia 3oz asparagus soon turned into happy hour & chips and dip. I would tell myself that I knew what I needed to do and that getting back on track would be easy. I went all of 2014 with that mindset. Completely inconsistent with food, the gym, and the previous commitment I had made to myself. I started to give up on myself and my self- esteem suffered. With 2015 quickly upon me, I still hadn’t fully committed to my goals. I decided to move down to Rancho Cucamonga. With a new move I figured there was no better time. The true success of my journey began with that move.
I began working out at a local gym in Ontario. I would get up early every morning to do my cardio and would always see a girl there that inspired me to get my butt in there even when I didn’t want to. I finally mustered up the courage to thank her for being my motivation every day. She expressed her gratitude and told me she was getting ready to compete. Compete?!? I was very intrigued. I researched fitness competitions. I searched all things bikini, figure, WBFF, NPC prep. You name it, I researched it. The fire was lit. I knew it. I wanted to compete. However, even geared with my new energy and enthusiasm, I was still left with some very important questions. How do I do this? Who do I approach? What makes a good coach? How much will this cost me?
Shortly after, I befriended another bikini competitor, Sabrina from Team 4evr Fit. I was excited to pick her brain and asked her who she was being coached by. She gave me David Martin’s contact information & I quickly sent him an email that read:
“Hey there, this is Cryss__m from Instagram. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Sabrina & her amazing body and had to find the source! I have my trouble areas. I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t work for my body. Ultimately I would love to compete and live a lean looking lifestyle. Hope that makes sense.
-Cryss Meza”

He quickly set me up with a consultation. From the moment I sat in his chair I knew I had finally found the answer to all my questions. As I looked around 4evr Fit, a banner behind him caught my eye. I couldn’t believe it. On it was my early morning motivation girl from Ontario! His wife, Natalie Martin!
I was so excited! I had a plan, a solid diet, a coach, a team, and I couldn’t believe I was finally getting ready for my very first show! I decided on the WBFF show for April 2016. By this time David had taught me how to count my macros without feeling completely deprived and miserable. I felt educated, confident, and ready to go. However, sometimes life happens. I was studying, working full time, juggling a long distance relationship, and dealing with family issues. I thought I would be able to handle it all but unfortunately it all came crumbling down. There came immense stress and then of course, stress eating. At four weeks out we decided it was the healthiest decision mentally and physically that I pull out of the show. I was disappointed but I knew that prepping for a show required my full mind, energy, and commitment and I was very aware of the fact that I was simply not there at that time in my life.
Fast forward to August 2016. I had re-evaluated, re-vamped, and put some things very far behind me. David & I sat down and we picked a show date. October 15th 2016 WBFF Beverly Hills here we come! It was hard but I was focused. I had a new outlook. I accepted that there were things I had no control over and could not change. I decided that life was 10% what happens to me & 90% how I reacted to it. With that mindset I was able to complete 7 week prep with enthusiasm and drive. That day finally came. Hungry but smiling and self-satisfied, I stepped on and fell in love with the stage. I felt amazing. No matter what my final placing was, I had already won. I had done it. I had taken on the challenge of prepping and made the transformation I had wanted to for so long. I took home 3rd place that night and 1st place for my theme wear round and as I look back at the photos from that day, all I see is a winner.
Along this journey I have met so many beautiful souls and have inspired so many women who thank me for simply being me. I want nothing more than to continue to inspire and motivate. I’ve learned to love & embrace my body. My curves, my stretch marks, they are all beautiful. I have learned that struggles can be blessings and that surrounding my-self with like-minded, positive, encouraging people will only help make my journey easier. As I take a look back at the time that has passed and the mistakes I have made, I can honestly say I have no regrets. I have grown so much. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about the gym and the meals we eat, but also what we feed our mind and soul. I know there is always room for improvement and I strive to be a better me every day. I thank God for that move to Rancho, for those early mornings in Ontario, for meeting Sabrina, David, Natalie, and everyone at 4evr Fit. I’ve been under Natalie & David’s wing for over a year now as one of their sponsored athletes and I am proud to say that I am not only a part of Team 4EVR FIT, but also a part of the family.