4evr Fit


We are committed to attaining good health through maximum results.

“At 4EVR Fit our mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER. We will strive to ALWAYS bring out your optimum abilities both physically and mentally. We bring forth customized programs that are catered to your unique person and situation and collaborate with you to design a blueprint that will lead you to becoming the best version of you possible.” – David Martin

4EVR Fit is a full service fitness studio located in Chino, CA led by fitness expert, David Martin.

4EVR Fit is different and unique from other fitness studios because of the variety of services offered to clients by expert coaches. Whether you are just looking for a private gym environment to work-out in, need personal training, custom nutrition counseling or would like to prepare for fitness competitions. 4EVR Fit can help you meet your health and fitness goals!

Team 4EVR Fit is comprised of a selected group of supreme athletes and brand ambassadors; check them out here!
Video on founder of 4Evr Fit
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